Studying to Be an X Ray Worker

What does it take to be an ideal x ray worker? In any career or professional field, there are certain traits that practitioners must have to stay long or to be successful. For example, to be a successful lawyer, one must love to read and have an analytical mind. In the case of the x ray worker, one must have a natural interest and patience to learn the different parts of the human body which can sometimes be so small and difficult to identify. Another difficulty in the study of the human body or anatomy is the various terminologies which are different from the way lay people call them. In short, medical terms are so different from the common terms for the different body parts. Learning the body parts is just one part to learn in the study of radiology. No wonder x ray workers are paid more than the usual workers.

To be a good x ray technician requires more than good training and passing the licensure examination. Job knowledge is very important but since only registered x ray technicians are hired it is assumed thay all have the necessary knowledge to do the job as required. But there are certain traits that set a real good x ray technician apart from the rest – the way they treat the patients.

Patients that require radiologic imaging are usually suffering from pain because of broken bones, dislocated joints, painful masses and other sorts of discomforts. Some of them are not even ambulant. So, while an x ray technician would want the best position of the body part to get the best image, it could be painful to the patient. An x ray technician who took the time to study ways to get the desired image with the least discomfort to the patient is a good x ray technician. There are many ways to make a patient comfortable even if they are sick.


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