The Increasing Use of Radiology in Medical Diagnosis

The use of radiology continues to greatly enhance medical diagnosis and treatment of various human diseases. Just imagine what it’s like without CT or computed tomography scanning, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. Doctors used to open body parts just to see the actual condition. With the non invasive radiologic techniques, the patient is no longer exposed to the risks that go with operations.

Ultrasound is another imaging procedure that is widely used by pregnant women. Now, it is almost standard procedure to have pregnant women undergo ultrasound check to see the unborn baby’s position. Based on the ultrasound image, the doctor can assess if natural birth would be possible or caesarian section would be necessary. Parents are also very thankful that ultrasound has made it possible to know the babies’ gender before they are born. While it removes the suspense, knowing the gender also guides the parents to better prepare for the newborn’s arrival.


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